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How Are You? ZINE

How are you? Three words so easy to give at the moment and yet so difficult to truly answer. With the help of The Mighty Creatives YCLF fund and over 20 young interviewees, I created and illustrated magazine to capture our generation’s thoughts and feelings on How We Are ... doing, creating and thinking.


This Zine is a visual exploration into the many ways that question could end. Whether it’s proving normal was far from perfect, that our and every generation needs to pause or giving a few tips to students studying 2020 in a textbook - I have tried to carry young people’s voices to where they need to be heard - even if that’s just back to each other.

As part of 'The Gathering: The Power of Partnership 2020' I was commissioned to create a short animation combining my journey creating the zine with youth voice and the power organisations have to amplify it. 

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