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Langorigo, is the identity I created for an interactive platform which engages people with linguistic topics through playful animations. The sample I created for A Level Graphic Communication guides you through an etymological journey teaching you about the meaning behind many of the words we use but never truly understand. This was a challenging project where I pushed myself to learn to animate text and illustrations, but the outcome was worth it and I wanted to share it to give it a reach beyond the examiner!

Full Animation

Created using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Bridge to design and animate.


These postcard sized collectables leaflets display the final segment of the animation on the true meaning behind the names of six different countries. The textures were rolled out and created in the studio and edited using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Tip: I never thought about texture until a teacher advised I did, the result really lifted the designs giving them depth and personality.

Country Etymology Illustrations

The idea behind Langorigo was it being an interactive digital experience which made subjects that are often seen as dull engaging. Time limits and the complexities of app development meant that I designed my work up to a sample stage and the mockups below give an idea of how the user may view and interact with the animation.

Brand Badges
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