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Y or 'Why' the Think-Infin Blog

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Y for Why and Infin for Infinite

My name has quite a different spelling, there’s a ‘Y’ floating around in the middle of the bunch of letters that spells ‘Sophiya’. Y, or why as you’d usually spell it, was added so that I’d asked that exact question. Some might say that’s a little far-fetched but, that one little consonant conveys a lot about the kind of person I am so I thought it would be best to introduce with it.

We see 'Infin' around a lot - one of the most common places being the word 'infinity'. 'Think Infin' is a name asking you and me to think 'without end' and seeing as curiosity and communication is at the core of everything I and this blog is about, it felt like another fitting name.

Language, literature, film, philosophy and design all have a purpose to express, challenge, and grow and that in many shapes and forms is what you can expect to find over here. If none of that appeals to you then definitely stick around for a while because it’s to those who shouldn’t be interested that I also really want to write this for. This is a space for the light-hearted and the 'deep', the playful and serious, be it about my interests or some reflections on the absurdity and wonders of life there will be something of value for you.

Travelling and helping the world to understand itself is the big dream, and until then here is where I'll start. From designing animations and listing top French films to random open letters to inanimate objects - like you and I, the style and content of this blog will evolve so have a look around and I'll see you soon!

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